Chinese Culture

China shares one of the existing oldest cultures in the world, which has grown over thousands of years. Traditions, festivals, cuisines, zodiac signs, heritage, arts, ancient rituals…… Chinese culture is such a huge topic. It is unlikely to learn it all within a short time – even a Chinese can't say he/she knows everything.

However, learning some basic ideas about it will help travelers avoid trouble or embarrassment in front of the locals. 

China's Traditions

China is a country steeped in ancient customs and traditions, of which the native people are proud. The Chinese Zodiac plays a major role in Chinese astrology.

From daily customs to festival traditions, the Chinese pay great attention to etiquette. Tea drinking is a symbol of etiquette in all aspects of people's lives. Traditional martial art, Kung Fu, develops people's internal discipline with external techniques.

China's Festivals

Below are China's major traditional festivals; Chinese people who lived in different areas celebrate festivals in various ways. All traditional festivals are celebrated according to the Chinese lunar calendar.

China's Heritage

China's heritage is both tangible and intangible, with natural wonders and historic sites, as well as ethnic songs and festivals included.

Chinese Food

Food is also one of the traditional cultural elements of China, it enjoys great popularity around the globe. From Peking Duck to Cantonese dim sums, no one would deny that Chinese cuisines are various.

When it comes to dining culture, it may be interesting for a foreign tourist to hear Chinese people greeting each other by asking "Have you eaten yet?" instead of "How are you?". If you are aware but unsure of Chinese table manners, our food guide will help you learn them.

China's Arts and Crafts

Top Recommended China Tours

Traditions such as greeting friends with "Have you eaten yet?" are sometimes difficult to explain in words or pictures. The best way to understand China's unique culture is to visit China and experience it your way. In this case, a professional and responsible travel agency matters a lot. China Travel can help you tailor-make a care-free culture trip for you, saving time and money! Below are our three sample tours we've hand-picked for your inspiration:

forbidden city

Classic China Tour

8 Days | Beijing - Xi'an - Shanghai

China golden triangle trip is usually chosen by the first-time traveler which includes the Must-sees in China.

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Yangtze river cruise

Glories of China

11 Days | Beijing - Xian - Guilin - Shanghai

Explore both ancient cultures and prosperous features and relax on the Yangtze River Cruise.

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Guilin Li River

China Adventure Journey

13 Days | Beijing - Xian - Chengdu - Guilin - Shanghai

Immerse yourself in Guilin’s karst landscape and take part in some special activities to experience local cultures.

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